Quick Start: Deploy your first application

Import Samples

Click on the components button in the navigation bar.

Locate the welcome-<version>-csar.zip and welcome-basic-<version>-topo.zip in the yorc distribution and drop them in this order into the catalog’s drop area.

Create a Welcome application

Now we have the Welcome template ready to use, we can create an application based on it. To do this, go to the applications section. Click on the new application button and select the welcome-basic in the table at the bottom of the popup.

Create Application

The application creation should redirect you on the application information page. To see your application topology, go to application topology page, you will see the following screen.

Welcome Application topology

Setup and deploy your application

To deploy this new application, go on the application deployment sub-menu and :

  • Select your location
  • Go to the Deploy tab
  • And click on deploy button
Select a location


To understand all configuration available for the deployment page, please refer to the Alien4Cloud application management section .

Check that your application is up and running

On the runtime view, you can have the detailed deployment progress. Click on the side bar sub-menu runtime button

Application runtime view

When all nodes are deployed, go back in the information sub-menu to get the Welcome application url and test it !

Application information view

Next Steps: Define your own components

Please refer to the Alien4Cloud dev guide to write your own components.