Install Alien4Cloud Yorc Plugin and requirements

Host requirements

  • A machine with Linux or MacOS Operating System: Alien4Cloud can run on windows OS too but we recommend Unix based OS. Moreover the default package only includes sh script.
  • JAVA: Ensure that you have at least JAVA version 8 or higher installed on your working station. If not, just install java following instructions here .
  • A supported web browser (check versions here ).

Execution environment requirements

An HTTP(S) access to a running and properly configured instance of Yorc is required. Please refer to the Yorc engine documentation for more details on how to set it up.

Alien4Cloud Setup

Please refer to the online documentation of Alien4Cloud (section “Install Alien4Cloud”) in order to install Alien4Cloud properly.

Please be sure to use Alien4Cloud 2.0.0 !

Then start Alien4Cloud as described in the online documentation (section “Start Alien4Cloud”)

Setup Alien4Cloud security

Please refer to the Security section of Alien4Cloud documentation to run Alien4Cloud in secured mode. The main steps are:

  • Generate key and PEM cerificate for the Alien4Cloud server. We advise you to use the same CA as the one used to sign the Yorc PEM certificates (see “Run Yorc in Secured mode” chapter in Yorc documentation). This is required if client authentication is needed.
  • Create a truststore and import the CA certificate to it
  • Create a keystore. Declare the keystore in the ssl section of the configuration file (config/alien4cloud-config.yml)
  • Import the CA certificate to the Java truststore

Alien4Cloud Yorc Plugin installation

Log into the Alien4Cloud UI as described in the previous paragraph.

Then go to administration and in the plugins sub-menu. Then drop the file named in the drop area.

The next step will be to configure a new Yorc orchestrator and a location (see the next section).